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Quality:  We believe that food in its purest state is the most flavorful and nutritious available. 

Sustainability:  Production and business system were developed with one goal in mind: to keep this productive land profitable and healthy for generations to come. 

Transparency:  Anyone is welcome to visit the farm.  

Community:  We do not ship our products.  Buying local reduces environmental impact and costs. 

Land Stewardship: Mimicking natural patterns on a domestic scale ensures quality of life and welfare for our animals. Pasture-based animal production reflects natures pattern (for example: birds following bison).  

Healthy Soil: We believe that healthy soil = healthy plants = healthy animals = healthy people. 

"The criteria for sustainable agriculture can be summed up in one word- permanence- which means adopting techniques that maintain soil fertility indefinitely, that utilize, as far as possible, only renewable resources; that do not grossly pollute the environment; and that foster biological activity within the soil and throughout the cycles of all the involved food chains."

- Lady Eve Balfour