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"The broiler we tried had great flavor, was tender not chewy or tough at all, had good healthy color, and juicy, too! Mr. Krause is working hard to raise a truly high quality pastured poultry and it shows! What a blessing to have access to such yummy 'real food'!" 

 - Angel, Founder of Real Food SA

"We love the taste of Travis' chickens.  There are never any leftovers.  The texture, and taste are so awesome!  I was skeptical at first if I would notice the difference, but with the first one I cooked, I was hooked.  I love that I can drive over to the farm, as they are close to me, and pick up whatever I need from them.  I especially like the broilers cut into the fryer pieces.  Travis is always very friendly, even giving us a tour of his place, and gave my excited homeschooled children a snake skin to study.  I love the fact his family has been on his farm for generations and that they have found a modern way to sustain their land, and provide wholesome food to their community.  Way to go!  I plan to be a longtime customer.  Keep up the good work Travis and Mandy!"

-Amy Edge, Red Rock Farm

"My husband and I are your newest fans! We fell in love two Sundays ago, when we 
visited the Whole Foods Quarry Market Farmers Market and bought one of your 
whole chickens and followed your recipe, I returned last Sunday for two more...."

-The Skinner Family 

"We tried our first broiler from Green Hills Poultry this weekend. We baked the chicken whole using the roasted chicken recipe on the "Recipes" section of the website. The chicken was delicious! It was the most tender, juicy chicken we've ever eaten. The quality of this chicken at the price Travis & Mandy are selling it is a great bargain! I don't plan to buy chicken at the grocery store anymore."

- Holly

"The best chicken I have ever had!  It was so fresh, juicy, and tender.  I'll be getting my chicken exclusively from Travis!"

- Nikki

"...Today was the second time we picked up their broilers at the SA pick up location.  They are absolutely delicious and my family gobbles them up every time we have one!!  We will definitely keep going back for more!...I also agree with how great Travis and Mandy are with their customers.  I thoroughly enjoyed doing business with them."

- Manuela

"...These birds are top-quality. Great color, sturdy bones for broth-making, and absolutely delicious. Love their online ordering service. Can't wait to try out their already cut-up broilers and chicken backs/wings/necks for broth-making. This is a service I have found no where else in SA. A pasture-raised already cut-up chicken? That's just awesome." 

- Michelle

"Delicious chicken, great feet for making stock and even better customer service.  You guys go out of your way to make our eating experience healthy and fulfilling.  Thanks!"

-The Hughes Family

Customer Testimonials