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Thanksgiving Turkey Reservations
Raised on pasture, our turkeys are delicious and beautiful for your Thanksgiving dinner or any time for that matter! We've perfected our production model and are really excited to be able to offer these clean, pasture-raised turkeys to you and your family. 

What makes our birds different? 
  • Our turkeys are raised outdoors on pasture. The young poults spend about 6 weeks in our brooder barn until they are able to withstand the environmental extremes. They then spend the remainder of their life (about 6 months) on pasture. 

  • The turkeys consume copious amounts of grass and insects. They also receive a diet of GMO & SOY Free feed.

  • Our turkeys are processed on-farm at Parker Creek Ranch in a Exempt P.L. 90-492 Poultry Processing Facility. This means they don't have to travel hundreds of miles to a processor and endure the stresses that may occur. Care is taken to make certain that each bird is handled with respect and dignity.  
Q) Where can I pick up our turkey(s)?
A) You can pick up your turkey at the Pearl Farmers Market on Saturday, November 19. 

Q) Will I receive a confirmation e-mail for my reservation? 
A) Yes. We will send you a confirmation e-mail within 7 days. 

Q) Can I reserve more than one turkey?
A) Certainly. You may order as many turkeys as you would like, but a $20 reservation fee is required for each turkey. 

Q) Is the reservation fee applied towards our final balance? 
A) Yes. The remainder of your balance is due whenever you pick up your turkey. 

Q) How are your turkeys packaged?
 A) Our turkeys are packaged in 3 mil heat shrink/vacuum bags. 

Q) Are they fresh or frozen?
A) Frozen. Turkeys are only able to stay fresh for 3 days. Thus, in order to process all of our turkeys in a safe, timely manner we freeze them. A truly fresh turkey doesn't exist in our modern food system. Farms begin to process them months ahead of time. Groceries stores store them frozen until days before Thanksgiving. They are thawed and sold as "fresh" turkeys. Our turkeys are frozen no more than two weeks before delivery. They are as fresh as it gets. 

Q) Where else can I purchase your turkeys? 
A) There are several other options: Koch Ranches Gourmet Country Store (San Antonio) and Farmhouse Delivery (Austin, Houston and Dallas/Ft Worth)


In order to finalize your Thanksgiving turkey reservation we ask that you pay a $20 reservation fee. This is simply to confirm your reservation. This fee will be applied towards your final balance that is due upon delivery

Please use the PayPal link below to pay for your reservation fee. If you don't have a PayPal please visit this link. 

We ask that you also fill out and submit the form below. 

Please read this entire page very carefully! If you have any questions please feel free to contact us via e-mail at: mail@parkercreekranch.com
Turkey Size Options
Please enter quantity below. 
Step 2) Please fill out and submit the form below. This includes your name, e-mail, phone, and size/quantity options. 
Turkey Pick-Up Options 
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Name (First and Last)
Step 1) Please select "Add to Shopping Cart" and follow the steps necessary to complete your PayPal transaction. We require a $20 reservation fee for EACH turkey you wish to purchase. The remaining balance is due on delivery.
NOTE: We do not guarantee a specific size/weight upon delivery, but we will do our best to accommodate your preferences. 
Pearl Farmer's Market - Saturday, Nov. 19, 2016 9AM to 1PM
Broad Breasted White Turkeys 
Price: $6.00/lb (price range $72 to $132)
We are no longer taking reservations 
for Thanksgiving 2016.