Grass-Fed Beef

The cattle enterprise at Parker Creek Ranch is truly the heart of our operation. Our family has been raising cattle on this land since 1846. While the production systems have changed over time, we are proud to continue this family tradition and lifestyle.

Our Longhorn cow/Devon bull cross calves are 100% grass-fed and finished. This unique cross gives our cattle the ability to thrive on our rangelands. Our cattle never receive antibiotics or growth hormones. We rotate them frequently through an intensive rotational system to ensure fresh grazing, pasture and soil health, and environmental stewardship. Our animal welfare goes beyond the pasture by utilizing sound stockmanship principles when handling our cattle from the catch pens to the processor. Our calves finish at 24 to 30 months old ensuring you a nutrient dense, marbled, quality product that is packed with flavor. Our beef is dry aged for 14 days. The cattle are processed exclusively at Dean & Peeler Meatworks a state-of-the-art, federally inspected, custom meat processing plant in Poth, TX.

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Prices updated 2-9-2018 and are subject to change at any time.