Whole Turkey Reservation (Thanksgiving Only)

Whole Turkey Reservation (Thanksgiving Only)


Broad Breasted White Turkeys

Pick-up Saturday, November 18 at the Pearl Farmer's Market. 

Price: $6.00/lb (price range $72 to $132)

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Q) Where can I pick up our turkey(s)?

A) You can pick up your turkey at the Pearl Farmers Market on Saturday, November 18. 


Q) Will I receive a confirmation e-mail for my reservation? 

A) Yes. We will send you a confirmation e-mail within 7 days. 


Q) Can I reserve more than one turkey?

A) Certainly. You may order as many turkeys as you would like, but a $30 reservation fee is required for each turkey. 


Q) Is the reservation fee applied towards our final balance? 

A) Yes. The remainder of your balance is due whenever you pick up your turkey. 


Q) How are your turkeys packaged?

 A) Our turkeys are packaged in 3 mil heat shrink bags. 


Q) Are they fresh or frozen?

A) Frozen. Turkeys are only able to stay fresh for 3 days. Thus, in order to process all of our turkeys in a safe, timely manner we freeze them. A truly fresh turkey doesn't exist in our modern food system. Farms begin to process them months ahead of time. Groceries stores store them frozen until days before Thanksgiving. They are thawed and sold as "fresh" turkeys. Our turkeys are frozen no more than two weeks before delivery. They are as fresh as it gets. 


Q) Where else can I purchase your turkeys? 

A) There are several other options: Koch Ranches Gourmet Country Store (San Antonio) and Farmhouse Delivery (Austin, Houston and Dallas/Ft Worth)