Pasture-Raised Turkey

In our pastured poultry system specifically designed for turkeys, our birds free-range within permanent wire paddocks. Shelter is provided by a Clear-Span hoop house that we modified to be portable and is attached to an automatic water system to enure fresh water at all times. We frequently rotate the turkeys throughout our multi-paddock system. They receive all the non-GMO and soy free grain they want. While receiving exercise and fresh air foraging for plants and insect, the turkeys drop manure that adds to the fertility of our soil. We produce several different breeds of turkeys for meat in this system including the Midget White, White Holland, and Broad Breasted White. The turkeys are processed on-farm in our Texas Department of Health Exempt P.L. 90-492 Poultry Processing Facility located on the farm.

Prices updated 10-10-2017. The price may change at any time. Do you want something you don't see? Ask. Maybe we can do it for you.

  • Standard Whole Turkey: $6.00/lb

  • Heritage Whole Turkey: $10.00/lb

  • Breasts: $10.00/lb

  • Ground Turkey: $10.00/lb

  • Legs: $6.00/lb

  • Thighs: $6.00/lb

  • Wings: $5.00/lb

  • Feet: $3.00/pkg

  • Neck: $3.00/pkg

  • Liver & Heart: $3.00/lb

Whole Turkey Reservation (Thanksgiving Only)


Broad Breasted White Turkeys

Pick-up Saturday, November 18 at the Pearl Farmer's Market. 

Price: $6.00/lb (price range $72 to $132)

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