Our Story



Family owned and operated since 1846, Parker Creek Ranch is a working ranch located 50 miles west of San Antonio. We are committed to regenerative agriculture production and creating healthy habitats for livestock, wildlife, and people. As stewards of the land, our goal is to produce nutritious products for our community while designing and managing systems that will benefit the environment and future generations.

Mandy and Travis are proud to come from a long line of farmers. Mandy is a fifth generation farmer and grew up on her family's citrus farm in McAllen, TX. Travis is a seventh generation farmer and grew up on his family's ranch in D'Hanis, TX. The pair met at Texas A&M University and graduated in 2008 with Bachelor of Science degrees in Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences. Both worked as biologists and educators for several years, Travis abroad and Mandy in south Texas. While working in India, Travis' love for books led him Joel Salatin's Pastured Poultry Profits. Travis always knew he wanted to spend his life on the ranch his family has lived on for generations as traditional cattle ranchers. He believed pasture-raised poultry would be well suited for the land and was inspired enough by this book to embark on a new farming journey. By the end of 2010 Travis had moved move back to the ranch and began raising their first group of broilers. Mandy joined him in 2011 and the couple married in 2012. They were blessed in 2015 with their son, Jack, and are so grateful to raise him on the land they love so much.


We strongly believe that regenerative, holistic agriculture practices have a large-scale impact on the conservation of our natural resources. We have seen our systems and efforts greatly improve the soil and forage quality, water catchment and infiltration, and wildlife habitat. Our relationship with the people of our community is of great importance to us. We are energized by sustainable agriculture design and love to teach others about what we do.

We focused on producing broilers and laying hens in the early years, but have now expanded to turkeys and grass-fed beef.  We are a direct farm-to-market producer committed to the idea that local is better. All of our products are sold within a 150 miles radius to farmers markets, restaurants, and individuals/families. We enjoy harvesting wild game, spend lots of time in our garden, plant an incredible amount of native and edible trees, all the while constantly brainstorming and implementing regenerative practices.

Parker Creek Ranch's business and production models are always evolving. Our farm has overcome enormous obstacles by staying committed, focusing on our goals and the overall bigger picture. There is nowhere else we would rather be and nothing we want to do more.


  • Produce nutritious and flavorful products for our community and allow people the opportunity to connect with the land.

  • Demonstrate the balance and relationship between agricultural production and natural resource conservation.

  • Generate a healthy profit from the land in order to support our family and invest in things we believe in.

  • Manage the land holistically - care for the soil, water, plants, animals and people.